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Nitrous oxide “happy gas” sedation is the most common inhalational conscious sedation in dental setting to relax a child or adult without the loss of consciousness.

Nitrous oxide sedation can assist your child to cope with fear and anxiety and cooperate with dental treatment. This promotes a calm and relaxed environment for providing quality dental care. Recommendation of nitrous oxide sedation by our paediatric dentists is based on your child’s age, level of anxiety, amount of dental work that needs to be completed and length of appointment. Children who are very young or have severe anxiety with limited coping skills, blocked nose, extensive treatment needs are NOT the candidates for nitrous oxide sedation. Our paediatric dentists have comprehensive specialty training and can offer other sedation methods that are right for your child.

Nitrous oxide sedation is perhaps the safest sedative in dentistry! It is non-addictive, mild, easily taken and quickly eliminated by the body. Child remains fully conscious, keeps all natural reflexes, when breathing the “happy gas”. Our paediatric dentists will discuss sedation procedures with you and your child at the consultation when this method of treatment is chosen.

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