Early Orthodontics

Many orthodontic problems are much easier to correct if detected at an early age, prior jaw growth has slowed. Early treatment may have the benefit of minimizing serious and complicated orthodontic treatment in the future.

Malocclusion (crowded or crooked teeth or bite problems) is often inherited. Orthodontic problems are also caused by early loss of baby teeth or oral habits (e.g. thumb sucking). Our paediatric dentists can help your child to cease the oral habits that may create orthodontic problems.

It is recommended that children should receive their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7, which allows early identification of potential problems. Certain orthodontic conditions are also best treated at this age. Full braces are placed after when most of the permanent teeth erupt (Age 12).

Early orthodontic treatment can straighten crooked teeth, guide erupting teeth into better positions and correct bite problems, so that the need for tooth extractions can be prevented. This type of treatment may include fixed or removable appliances, space maintainers, and/or braces The result of straight teeth can give a more beautiful smile in your child and teeth are easier to keep clean and less susceptible to dental decay and gum disease.

Like other dental treatment, any orthodontic treatment requires good compliance from the child to achieve the desired outcome. Our paediatric dentists can assess your child’s suitability for this type of treatment early in their life.

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