First Dental Visit

As a specialist practice, the purpose of our first visit is to meet you and your child, assess your child’s dental status as well as recommend any necessary treatment or advice as required. We do not offer treatment at our consultation appointment in general. This is due to children’s different treatment need, age and medical background which may require sedation or anaesthetic for treatment.

As each child is unique at our practice, our paediatric dentists will spend quality time getting to know you and your child at the consultation. A comprehensive examination is performed to determine the best way of delivering treatment in a positive and comfortable way for your child. Individualized treatment plans address specific dental needs and include prevention, hygiene instructions, diet counselling in addition to treatment of dental problems are provided. We will discuss any dental findings, treatment required and costs involved directly with you should your child need to return for treatment.

Our bright, cheerful office environment will help to make your child’s first dental visit fun, enjoyable and positive! Preparing your child for the first visit by playing pretend dentist and being positive about the dental experience is very helpful. A way to convey good feelings to your child about dental visits is to remind them that going to the dentist is a sign that they are growing up.

Children often appear anxious when faced with unfamiliar environment or to fear of unknown. We will explain all treatment procedures involved to your child in terms they can understand by using pleasant and non-frightening words and demonstrate the equipment in a fun and imaginative way. Our team are all highly experienced in addressing children’s fears through their dental experiences in such a way as to guide their behaviour in a constructive direction. As your child’s familiarity with our practice and procedures increases, his/her experience will become more positive. It is part of our goal to encourage their independence and promote their self-esteem during dental visit.

We look forward to develop a lasting friendship with you and your child!

Fore more helpful information about your child’s first visit, you can download

First Dental Visit – Why, When and What can be done?” PDF Document

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