Preventative Care

Recall appointment / Dental prophylaxis

Regular dental check up every 6 months is recommended for all children. Children with high risk of tooth decay, unusual growth patterns and poor oral hygiene require more frequent visits.

These important appointments allow our paediatric dentist to monitor your child’s oral health and clean the areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. We also help promote healthy gums and teeth by removing plaque that can cause decay, gum inflammation and infection. Our paediatric dentists can assist your child with brushing and flossing.

Regular dental visits keep your child familiar with our paediatric dentist and encourage a positive attitude in the child towards dentistry. As the child grows, the dentist will assess the progression of teeth eruption and jaw development, as well as appropriate preventive measures such as regular fluoride applications, sealants placement and reinforcement of good oral health practice can be continually encouraged by the dentist when the child is a regular visitor. Dental problem, if any, can be detected in the early stages when it is easier and less costly to treat.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral and is one of the most effective agents for preventing tooth decay and making your teeth strong. Fluoride can be found in water and in many different foods, as well as in dental products such as toothpaste, mouth rinses and supplements. Fluoride is documented to be safe and highly effective in dental decay prevention. Fluoride is effective in preventing dental decay when combined with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene.

The best and easiest way for your child to receive fluoride’s protection is by drinking water containing the right amount of the mineral. Children who from birth drink water containing fluoride on average have significantly fewer cavities.

Topical fluorides strengthen teeth that have already erupted into the mouth. The fluoride is incorporated into the outer surface of the tooth, making it resistant to decay. Children should receive professional fluoride treatments every 6 months. Moreover, our paediatric dentists will advise on appropriate fluoride options depending on your child’s risk for decay and decay activity.

Tooth Mousse Treatment

Tooth Mousse contains casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP), a new form of calcium phosphate developed whereby the calcium and phosphate ions (teeth minerals) are held in a bioavailable form using milk protein casein phosphopeptides. This CCP-ACP can help to slow down decay progression and promote regression of early stages of decay. It is available in creme in a variety of flavours (GC Tooth Mousse) or in a sugar-free chewing gum (Recaldent).

The Tooth Mousse can be applied easily by smearing a small amount of it over the teeth by toothbrush or finger. In most cases, the Tooth Mousse is applied after tooth brushing, both morning and night.

The tooth mousse is documented safe to use in children and does not interfere with the actions of fluoride products. Children should not use tooth mousse if they have a sensitivity or allergy to milk protein or dairy products. Our paediatric dentist can give you individual instructions and advice for using the Tooth Mousse.

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